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chi_siamo1CDR designs and manufactures state-of-the-art technological systems that are developed relying on innovative solutions at the company’s research laboratories, which focus on microelectronics, fine mechanics and biochemical research.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions in whatever field we are active. Among our most meaningful projects, may we mention: hardware and software for electronic toll collection used at motorway toll stations, medical diagnostics systems (clinical chemistry and hemostasis analyzers), food and beverage analysis systems used by major food industries all over the world.

The CDR FoodLab® line of devices represents the ‘synopsis’ of technological innovations that the research laboratories of CDR have developed since the early 1990’s, first with applications in the field of medical biochemistry and, later, in the field of food and beverage.

The constant search for technological innovation is the distinctive trait of our company. Special focus is also devoted to the design of devices and systems that are easy to use. Our measuring instruments use solid- state emitters (LED) and require low quantity of reagents and samples. Our ‘micro-methods’ allow to perform the tests directly on the production line with the same accuracy of the international reference methods. To us, all this means progress, cooperation with our customers to devise products that stem from a comparison and that help them in carrying out their daily business.

The study of solutions that combine electro-optical reading cells with dedicated chemistry enabled us to present the CDR FoodLab® line to the market. These systems are easy to use, guarantee high analytical accuracy and are designed to be used even by personnel with no specific lab tech experience. They can be used to test a wide range of food matrices, such as fats and oil, milk, eggs, vegetable purées, or wine, beer and cider.

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Con el sistema CDR, puede realizar sus análisis con completa autonomía

Sin necesidad de personal especializado ahorrando costes en análisis externos. CDR FoodLab® mejora los métodos tradicionales, haciéndolos más rápidos, fiables y sencillos, con los mismos estándares de exactitud que los métodos de referencia.

Kit analítico

Los sistemas de análisis de CDR FoodLab® utilizan reactivos desechables pre-llenados, desarrollados específicamente por los laboratorios de investigación de CDR. El exclusivo procedimiento analítico CDR FoodLab® con reactivos pre llenados (sin guion) y listos para su uso, permite:

  • Una preparación de muestra rápida y fácil, cuando sea necesario;
  • Hacer procedimientos analíticos extremadamente rápidos y fáciles;
  • Eliminar todas las necesidades de procedimientos de calibración complejos.

Los reactivos vienen en paquetes que contienen 10 viales para realizar 10 pruebas (o paquetes para 100 pruebas que contienen 10 paquetes individuales de 10 viales cada uno).

Sólo unos pocos pasos y los resultados se obtienen de inmediato

Sólo unos pocos pasos bastarán para llevar a cabo su análisis de manera rápida con total autonomía. El sistema se compone tanto del analizador basado en tecnología fotométrica como de un kit de baja toxicidad, reactivos pre llenados, desarrollados por CDR.

CDR FoodLab® es económico porque no requiere el uso de accesorios costosos y sin gastos de mantenimiento, asistencia o calibración.
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